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The energy generation, transmission and distribution sectors have long been at the forefront of the use of simulation and optimisation tools. However, the volume and rate of change driven by new technology, for example electric vehicles and renewables, and in some jurisdictions, the need to meet climate change obligations mean that the current generation of tools are inadequate. Many of the tools currently in use have been used at the plant level for engineering purposes or solely within narrow business functions such as asset maintenance. The lack of appreciation of financial or systemic issues by these lower level tools raises significant questions of their real value. How do you know if a locally optimised plan actually optimises the organisational objectives, is resilience to strategic risks and offers the greatest flexibility to leverage future opportunities?

Forward looking companies in this sector are realising that the spreadsheets and niche tools long used for making strategic decisions are inadequate in this rapidly changing national and global markets. Not only do they not fully represent the operational constraints that exist in their businesses, they lack the flexibility to rapidly develop practical financially productive decisions that cut across organisational silos. Therefore, the ability to make rapid, forward looking and holistic decisions is a key competency that energy companies must develop to succeed in an increasingly complex and uncertain sector.

BMA’s Next Generation Analytics provides an integrated modelling, optimisation and planning engine which can dramatically enhance the profitability of strategic and operational decision making within companies in this dynamic sector. Our tool can simultaneously consider multiple constraints, including operational, asset and financial constraints as well as sector specific constraints such as gas quality requirements. Critically, to what is an asset intensive sector our solution is industry leading in its ability to consider asset interdependencies in its optimisation.

Typical scenarios that can be modelled with BMA’s Next Generation Analytics

  • Total Expenditure (Topex) Evaluations
  • Advanced Enterprise S&OP (Integrated Business Planning)
  • Cost to Serve (Product & Customer Profitability Analysis)
  • Extreme Value Analysis (Low Probability, High Impact Risks)
  • Asset Investment and Maintenance Planning
  • ‘What-if’ Scenario Analysis
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Demand Forecasting & Management

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