Never normal again: How Global Retailers are adapting to a COVID-19 disrupted world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically impacted consumer behaviour and supply chain operations, creating enormous disruption and uncertainty for Retailers. Customer demand patterns have dramatically shifted overnight, placing huge pressure on omnichannel capabilities with new shopping patterns emerging such as buy online, pickup in store (Click and Collect). To survive and thrive, Retailers need to become more demand driven and agile with the ability to make rapid short-term forecast and supply chain decisions.

If these pressures sound familiar and you would like to find out more about how top global retailers are adapting to these challenges, then request a private conference call with Business Modelling Associates (BMA) and LLamasoft. We’ll set up a one-hour call with your team to share some of the key strategies that are proving to be successful globally.

The discussion will be led by respected supply chain thought leader, Vikram Murthi, who is the Vice President of Industry Strategy at LLamasoft. Vikram will share the insights he has gained through his company’s engagement with some of top global retailers and outline the core strategies in play to navigate this uncertain future.

We can also use this opportunity to unpack some of the key challenges that your organisation is currently facing and explore how digital decisioning tools can help your company adapt and succeed in a COVID-19 disrupted world.

To request a private one-hour team discussion for your organisation, please contact:

Richard King
Business Modelling Associates / Transnova

COVID-19 Demand Impact Analyser App

We’ve developed this App exclusively for the use of retailers to help you make better short-term forecast and supply chain decisions.

  • Designed exclusively to analyse and predict short-term demand in a COVID-19 disrupted world.
  • Make response plan decisions with our paired data science expertise, advanced algorithms, your data and COVID-19 datasets.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of demand shifts by measuring specific change points – what changed, when and how much?
  • Assess inventory needs and highlight trade-offs to balancing supply and demand.
  • Prioritise demand fulfilment given inventory and capacity constraints.
  • Accelerate supply balancing with agile resource allocation and capacity planning.
  • Improve short-term forecasting of critical items to meet customer needs.

In just a few weeks, our experts map your demand data to COVID-19 datasets for better short-term forecasting decisions and a faster business response.

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